Deirdre Staffurth LicAc BSc(Hons) MBAcC BA (Hons)


Deirdre is part Chinese and believes that Eastern and Western medicine can complement each other. She regards good health as an extension of nature and views acupuncture as a tool that helps our natural energy to flow, thus encouraging the body to heal itself.  Deirdre graduated from ICOM (International College of Oriental Medicine) in 2014 and has a comprehensive grasp of different systems of acupuncture treatment, as well as a grounding in western medicine, enabling her to find the best solution for individual patients.   She is constantly studying to increase her knowledge and has taken additional courses in musculoskeletal problems, fertility/women's health, mental health awareness and ear and scalp acupuncture, amongst others.


Deirdre is an empathic, sensitive and conscientious practitioner, incorporating the theories of 5 elements, 6 divisions, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Stems & Branches into her treatments.  She practises Yoga and Tai Qi to support her acupuncture. Deirdre is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, which ensures degree level training and the highest professional standards of care and safe practice. Tonbridge Acupuncture is registered with Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Sevenoaks District Council.


"For 15 years I had bladder and urinary tract problems. Over this time the NHS tried to sort me out.  An operation, numerous drug regimes, none alleviated the discomfort. In April 2015 I thought, well why not try acupuncture, it cannot hurt and surely won’t have the side effects of some of the medicine I had been on. 
Through a web search I selected Deirdre. To my great surprise I found an improvement in my condition after my first course of treatment. Over the last 3 months her continuing treatment has reduced my pain and discomfort by a factor of 90%. This in turn has increased my energy levels and over all feeing of well being." 

R H, Weald


"I started seeing Deirdre in April 2016 after suffering from debilitating anxiety. I wasn't sure it would help, I'm quite a sceptic! It did help very much. I regained confidence in going out and driving again and found my thinking became more focused on positives instead of negatives. I have no hesitation in recommending Deirdre to anyone. I will be using her again in the future!" 

L W, Weald 


"After repeated bouts of tennis elbow over the last 10 years I have tried various treatments to help with the problem, both NHS and private clinics,  from medication, physiotherapy, ultrasound, and acupuncture. Previous sessions of acupuncture together with physiotherapy have worked after prolonged treatment. Recently, following trauma caused due to a cycling accident I experienced a severe level of pain once again and as Deirdre is known to me, we go to the same yoga class, I decided to give her a try!  What a revelation....... after only two treatments the pain completely disappeared!  I cautiously thought this might be a short lived cure as I had never experienced this level of pain being eased so quickly before but I am happy to report that the pain has not returned.  I found Deirdre to be thorough, highly professional and friendly, the whole experience was very pleasant and relaxing and I would not hesitate to recommend her services, as far as I am concerned she is an absolute star, well done Deirdre!"

A H, Tonbridge


“I have been a fan of acupuncture for many years and indeed, when I had a bad bout of Achilles Tendinitis some years ago, it was a course of acupuncture which finally healed the problem when all other treatments had failed.  Deirdre’s specific expertise with acupuncture was recommended to me by a mutual friend and I have been having regular treatments from her over the last four months at the Neal’s Yard treatment rooms in Sevenoaks.  I have osteoarthritis in various parts of my body but Deirdre has been concentrating on treating the area which gives me the most pain -  the lumbar region of my back.  Although I am still taking pain killers as and when necessary, I  come away from her treatment sessions feeling better, both physically and mentally, and I am acutely aware that due to her expertise, acupuncture is allowing better pain management of my condition.  Deirdre is a lovely, caring professional with great empathy for her patients and enormous skill in treating the whole person, not just the specific problem area.  I look forward to visiting her for treatments on a regular basis in the future.”

AB, Sevenoaks


"Just a quick line to tell you what a tremendous improvement there is in the use of my arm!!   I enjoyed a night's sleep without pain and being aware of pain.   The upper arm still has a sensitive, almost muscle tension feeling but without the constant pain.   After the move I will make another appointment to see you.   Maybe you can relieve my headaches too.
Thank you for the relief!"

E F, Bough Beech


"I’d had sciatica in my right leg for several weeks, which made walking very painful and caused numbness in my foot.  A friend suggested I could try acupuncture so I hobbled along to see Deirdre.  The treatment was really relaxing and when I got off the couch I knew there was a big improvement.  I could put weight on my leg without terrible pain shooting down it. I walked out of the room feeling so much lighter and more confident.   After a few more sessions I can walk normally and plan to start doing more exercise."

L R, Tonbridge


"Thank you Deirdre for balancing me out.  The lessening of my anxiety levels has been noticeable; the over active bladder is under control and my sense of well being has been greatly enhanced by you.  You are an extremely empathetic and sympathetic practitioner and you make your clients feel safe."

A B, Paddock Wood