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Treatments are typically 50 minutes, though the initial consultation lasts an hour.  Clients are asked to wear loose clothing or shorts and a vest top, as needling points on the limbs and torso is common.  A complete patient history, body, tongue and pulse diagnoses build up a picture of the patient’s condition.  The treatment is tailored to the individual and selected points might be far from the presenting problem.  The sterile needles, which are used once and then disposed of, remain in the body for around 20 minutes (less time for children).  Adjunctive therapies, such as ear acupuncture, massage or moxa (burning mugwort), may be used to enhance the treatment. 

During the Covid-19 outbreak all clients, as well as the practitioner, are required to bring their own masks, which should be worn throughout treatment.


If you would like to discuss whether acupuncture could help you, please contact me.



Powdermill Lane, Leigh

Tuesday 08.45 - 13.30

              16.30 - 18.45

Urgent appointments by arrangement


Acupuncture helps back pain
Acupuncturist treating shoulder pain


Consultation and 1st treatment: £60.00 - 60min

Follow-up treatments: £50 - 50min

Children: £40



Cancellations less than 24 hrs prior to appointment may be charged 

Acupuncture alleviates joints and arthritis
Stress can be reduced using acupuncture